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Zengwen Reservoir

Zengwen Reservoir
Water source
Zengwen Creek
Dapu Township, Chiayi County
Constructed by
The Zengwen Reservoir Construction Committee of Taiwan Province
Managed by
Southern Region Water Resources Branch
Constructed in
July 1967 to October 1973
Functions and Benefits
1 Irrigation:area 66,680 hectares(via Wushantou Reservoir)
2Water Supply:350,000 m3 per day(via Wushantou Reservoir)
3Power Generation: 212 million kW-hour per year(Zengwen Power Plant)
4Flood Prevention
5Tourism:For tourist information, please visit the tourist information website of Southern Region Water Resources Branch

Catchment area
Total surface area at full capacity 18.93km2
Water level at full capacity 230m
Effective capacity 50,956 million m3(original design)