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Agongdian Reservoir

Main Engineering Data
Catchment Area 31.87 km 2
Water Storage Area Before update :35.5m
After Update 37.0m
Max. Flood Retention Level 40.0m
Effective Water Capacity 15,275,960 m 3
II、Transbasin Spillway
Water Channel 479.5m (length)
Type Gate-controlled open chute
Weir Axial Length 38.0m
Weir Elevation 37.0m
Flood Ditch  
Ditch Length 310.0m
Ditch Internal Diameter 8.6m
Ditch Slope 0.006
III、Reservoir Sedimentation Dredging
Weir Crest Elevation 27.0 m
Steel Pipe Length 156.5m
Steel Pipe Length 2.5m
Controlled Sliding Gate 1@2.0M(W)*2.5M(H)
Emergency Sliding Gate 1@2.0M(W)*2.5M(H)
Gate House 1@8.0M(W)*18.5M(L)
IV、Reservoir Chuntieh
Chuntieh Earthwork 11 ,600,000 m 3
V、Transbasin Water Channel
Total Length 14.840 km
Tunnel 15 units- 13,448 meters
Ditch 16 units -1,392 meters
Water Diversion Facility 4 units
Channel Silt-prevention Dam 11 units
Waste Soil Area Silt-prevention Dam 15 units
Chishan Water Channeling Engineering 7.5km
VI、 Er-Ren River Dike Reinforcement Improvement Engineering
Dike 3,058m
Embankment 1,226m
VII、Supplemental Engineering

Reservoir Update Engineering Multimedia Production

Reservoir Peripheral Road Improvement Engineering

Reservoir Management Center-Southern Region Water Resource Regulation Center Office Construction Engineering

Reservoir Landscape Engineering

Catchment Area Sewage Intercepting Engineering

Hydraulic Alarm and Monitoring System Engineering

Other Miscellaneous Engineering
VIII、Indirect Engineering
Construction Environment Monitoring

Agongdian Reservoir is located at the eastern foothill of Mt.Siao-Kang, at the upstream end of A-KUNG-TINE Creek and inside Yen-Chao Hsiung, Kaohsiung County . It is a multipurpose reservoir with principal function of flood control besides irrigation and water supply. Since its completion in 1952, due to the pool geology in the catchment area, the reservoir is bearing an annual siltation of about 5 hundred thousand stere .Currently, the total siltation amounts to about 30% of the original reservoir capacity. This not only has hampered the operation irrigation and water supply but also results in cutting down the ability of flodd prevention to fifty-year flood frequency threatening dam safty, important facilities, life and properties of the inhabitants downstream. I n order to resolve the problem, The TPGWRD is undertaking a renovation and improvement program for the reservoir. The program has been approved by the Executive Yuan. The project is to be completed in eight year, beginning in 1998.

Planned Goal

1. Increase reservoir's ability of flood prevention to ten thousand-year flood frequency to ensure dam, military, transportation facility and resident safety in the lower stream.
2. In view of reservoir flood prevention improvement, water supply potentials of the reservoir are also increased.
3. Undergo reservoir silt prevention operations as a perpetually utilized facility
4. Solve problems of reservoir flood mitigation, sedimentation, and water supply

Planned Efficacy

1. Increase reservoir water capacity and flood retention space to increase ability of flood prevention to ten-thousand-year flood frequency to ensure dam, military, transportation facility and resident safety in the lower stream.
2. Stabilize agricultural irrigation water supply and increase annual public use water capacity to 2,900 stere.
3. After renovation, the way that opening gates and keeping nothing make the water bring away the silt begin to operate during the flood stage., which is the first actual reservoir silt prevention model testing conducted. This precious observatory data serves as reference for the perpetual utilization, planning and operation of reservoirs in Taiwan .
4. After renovation, the silt prevention project cover the returning of silts/mud produced in the catchment area to the seashore to ensure coastline balance