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Main Engineering Data
Catchment Area 69.2 km²
Planned Water Level Area 142m
Water Storage Area 1.42 Km²
Gross Capacity 31,400,000 m 3
Effective Capacity 26,521,700 m 3
Max. Flood Level 142.0m
II、 Main Dam
Type A rolled earth fill dam of center impermeable core  type
Dam Top Length 445.6m
Dam Top Elevation 145.0m
Water Retention Dam Top Elevation 119.0m
Dam Top Width 10.0m
Max. Dam Height 65.0m
III、 Spillway
Type Floodgate-controlled
Designed Flood Discharge 3,710cms
Spillway Crest Width 36.0m
Spillway Crest Top Elevation 127.5m
Spillway Length 156.0m
IV、Fetch/Discharge Facility
Fetch Tower Inclined and Layered Water-Fetching Structure
Lowest Water Fetch Elevation 100.2m

Mudan Reservoir is located in Mudan Country in southern Pingtung County at a distance about 24 km northeast of the city of Hengchung . The dam collects water from upper stream tributaries of Sihchong River-Ruren River and Mudan River . The storage volume is approx. 3,0,000,000 m 3
Upon completion of the reservoir, an estimated 100,000 tons of water supply per day (i.e. 3, 7,000,000 tons/annum) is expected to provide for urgent needs of Hengchung area.
In recent years, under active tourism and recreation promotion policies of the government, major infrastructure has been completed in Hengchung area such as Nuclear Plant III, Kenting National Park, Ocean Museum and Wuliting Airport expansion to meet recreational and travel needs of citizens and prosperous development of the Hengchung Peninsula. Therefore, with the ever increasing population, water is also in high demands. Upon completion of this project, water requirement till year 2021 in Hengchung area can be provided for.

This project is rectified as one of the 14 major infrastructures. It broke ground in year 1989 and complete by the end of 1995.

Planned Flow

1. Public water supply and agricultural water use 4.0CMS
2. Emergency reservoir discharge 55.0CMS
Water tunnel diameter 2.4M
Water tunnel length 545.0M

Planned Efficacy

(1) Multi-purpose Water Supply :
The total fund for this reservoir is7.4 billion NT dollars. Upon completion, additional water volume of approx 37097 thousand tones will be added to provide regular water use in Nan-Rui Town/Township, southern end of Pingtung, as well as for public use of Nuclear Power Plant III, Kenting National Park , Special purpose military camp, ships, and Wuliting Airport . Hengchung area is a Sukuda (a rainfed rice field) which measures 500 hectares (annual water supply capacity of 800,000 tons) water is supplied for irrigation use during dry seasons.

(2) Tourism and Recreation:
Promote Kenting National Park development and South-Link Railway have been promoted as national recreational areas; Citizens are given the best choices of recreation and travel.