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National Land Conservation-Reservoir Catchment Conservation Implementation Plan

Responding to the environment damage and pollution documented in the film “Beyond Beauty - TAIWAN FROM ABOVE” and to reinforce reservoir catchment conservation, Executive Yuan approved “Reservoir Catchment Conservation Master Plan” in which each reservoir administration should develop a “Reservoir Catchment Conservation Implementation Plan” for review.

The whole project started with Ministry of Economic Affairs handling the first batch of 13 reservoirs, which includes Shimen, Zengwen, Nanhua, Wushantou, Agongdian, Mudan, Renyitan, Chengqing Lake, Deji, Wushe, Sun Moon Lake, Mingde and Baihe Reservoir. By controlling reservoir desilting schedule and enhancing reservoir dredging and sluicing progress, planning to completed each implementation plan development in 2 phases for each authority to follow.

We had completed Agongdian and Mudan (first phase) and Zengwen reservoir (second phase) implementation plan, and had been proven by Executive Yuan in March 19th 2013 and July 27th 2016.

Reservoir catchment conservation implementation plans have 4 basic measures, including afforestation to conserve soil, patrol and monitoring management, curtail pollution and fertilizer, and grading and zoning management. With 16 specific contents, aiming to reduce reservoir silting and promote water quality. Funds required come from each authority’s budget.

Procedure And Responsibility

In accordance with “Reservoir Catchment Conservation Master Plan” approved by Executive Yuan, responsibility of each authority is as following:

1. Water Resources Agency (Ministry of Economic Affairs) is in charge of reservoir water area (including declared protection zone).
2. Forestry Bureau (Council of Agriculture) is in charge of national forest compartment (except reservoir water area).
3. Soil and Water Conservation Bureau (Council of Agriculture) is in charge of all hillsides not included above.
4. Road management authorities are in charge of the road and its indivisible side slopes.