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Occupational Safety And Health Policy And Code Of Practice

Safety And Health Policy

The Department adheres to the concept of respecting life, enhances the safety and hygiene of the construction environment, safeguards the safety and health of workers, and is committed to safety and health work, and continues to improve to create a "safe, comfortable and healthy" working environment.

We Promise

"Respect for life, create a work environment with zero occupational disasters; take care of the workers and shape a culture based on labor"


1. Eliminate the hazard factors that may cause fall, electric shock, poisoning, collapse, collision, fire, explosion, etc. in the engineering operation.
2. Continuous improvement and do all kinds of protection work.
3. Improve the living environment of workers and promote healthy leisure and entertainment.
4. Strictly abide by occupational safety and health regulations, continue to promote the "zero disaster" campaign, and do a good job in disaster prevention.
5. Communicate policies and decrees to each employee through education, training, and safety observation, and continue to advocate the concept of occupational safety and health for the contractor and require the contractor to implement it.
6. Publicly publicize our occupational safety and health policies, measures and performance.