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Catchment area 31.87km2
Total surface area at full capacity 2.9km2
Water level at full capacity 37m
Effective capacity 1,528 million m3(original design)

The Agongdian River originates at the foot hill of Yanchao District and Tianliou District in Kaohsiung City. It comprises two maj-or tributaries,zhuoshui Creek and Wanlai Creek. Tne zhuoshui Creek, on the left,has high silt content.The upstream of the zhuoshui Creek has a steeper slope,and the surface soil there is mainly green-grey clay. The Wanlai Creek,on the left,has a gentler slope and the surface soil is yellow silty clay. The Two tributaries converge to form Akungtien River at the east side of Siaoganshan. The total length of the Akungtien River is 38 km.

In order to meet the demand of flood control,irrigation and water supply of the watershed of the Akungtien River, the Akungtien Reservoir project was proposed and then completed in 1953. Originally,the criteria of flood control capacity of thn Akungtien Reservoir are at the flood frequency of 250 years.Because the catchments of the reservoir comprises mudstone which is loosen and apt to be eroded, a great amount of sily was washed in to the reservoir and resulted in the sedimentation of 500,000m3 per yearon average. In 1991,the total amount of sedimentation was up to 71% of it's original design volume,so the reservoir was unable to bear the flood over the frequency of 50 years.

Meanwhile,the reservoir was also gradually losing it's other two functions of irrigation and water supply. With the Executive Yuan's approval in 1998,the Renovation of the Akungtien Reservoir was commenced by the Southern Region Water Resources Branch in February, 2000 and finished in July,2006.This renovation consists of some major subprojects including dam improvement,conduit spillway reconstruction,water intake tower reconstruction,transbasin spillwayre, transbasin diversion waterway and reservoir dredging of 116,000,000m3. After finishing this project,the criteria of flood control capacity of the Akungtien Reservoir will be promoted up to 10,000 years returnperiod.Besides, with the operation of "preventing sendiments by emptying the reservoir, " the life of the reservoir will be extended,and a goal of reservoir sustainable utilization can be achieved.