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Catchment area 69.2km2
Total surface area at full capacity 1.4km2
Water level at full capacity 142m
Effective capacity 2,652 million m3(original design)

Mudan Reservoir is situated within Mudan Shaing (Township), Pingtung County, on Sihchong River valley, at approx. 24km off the north-east part of Hengchun. The Reservoir is an aggregate body of water from the upper streams of Sihchong River- Runain River and Mudan River. Its water retention area is 31.19million cubic meters. Upon completion of the reservoir, the estimated water supply capacity is expected to increase 100,000 tons annually, i.e. annual water supply of 37.1 million tones.

In recent years, Hengchun area, under the active governmental policy of tourism and recreation business promotion, major infrastructure has been conducted and completed such as Third Nuclear Power Plant, Kenting National Park, National Museum of Biology and Aquarium and Wuliting Airport expansion in response to local recreational and travel demands. Hengchun Peninsula prospered, thus, in view of rapid population increase conditions; demands for water supply also grew considerably. After the completion of this project, there will be sufficient water supply for use in Hentsun townships/towns till year 2021.

This project has been promulgated by the Executive Yuan as one of the 14 major infrastructures taking effect on 1989 and was completed at the end of 1995.

Engineering Construction Summary

Engineering Construction Summary

1、Reservoir:Effective capacity of approx. 305.6 million cubic meters; flood area of142 hectares.
2、Water retention dam:Earth-rock dam measuring 65meters in height and 445.6meters in length.
3、Spillway:Gate control flow type designed to accommodate m3/3710s.
4、Water taking/drainage engineering:Three water gates for water taking m3/4s (daily water taking of 350,000cubic meters.).
5、Watering tunnel:diameter of 9 meters measuring 258meters in length.
6、Other :water/soil conservation. Industrial road transfer, environment beautification, and office buildings etc.

Engineewing Exectuting Unit

Due to the enormous project scope coverage of Mudan Reservoir Engineering and the extended time duration of construction; in view of professional engineering techniques and to ensure engineering quality, the Water Conservancy Bureau has setup a Mudan Reservoir Planning & Designing Team during the preliminary stage. It is in charge of preparatory operations, land processing and other coordinating works. The Pingtung County Government is responsible for reservoir land purchase/compensation, and property transfer. The Bureau of Water Conservation and Development & Engineering Agency of the Bureau of Southern Water Resource Dept. is in charge of processing. The Highway Bureau operates in coordination with No. 119 Road Widening/route redirecting engineering. Industrial road redirecting engineering is commissioned to Mudan Town Magistrate. Irrigation Engineering and Public Water Supply Engineering are handled by Pingtung Irrigation Association and Taiwan Water Corporation.