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The predecessor of the Bureau is Southern Region Water Resources Development Engineering Office, Hydraulic Bureau, Taiwan Province. It was established since Nanhua Reservoir construction began, the main task was to develop and construct water resources facilities in the southern region. In 1987, Southern Region Water Resources Bureau was formed of Zengwen Reservoir Authority and Agongdian Reservoir Management Committee. The main task of the Bureau in addition to water resources development, also includes water resources dispatching, distribution, management and operation of water resources facilities, and then promotes environmental education. Starting from the development of Nanhua Reservoir, the Bureau will continue to protect the water resources of South Taiwan until Zengwen, Nanhua and Wushantou Reservoir various projects and the forward-looking infrastructure implement.

2.Major Water Resources Development Projects Completed By The Bureau Over These Years

2-1 Nanhua Reservoir

Water source:Houjue Creek of Zengwen River tributary、Qishan Creek of Gaoping River tributary(Cross-basin water diversion)
Location:Nanhua District, Tainan City
Construction time:1988/12 ~ 1994/06
Functional benefit:Public water supply up to 800,000 cubic meters per day
Reservoir:Earth-rockfill dam
Full water level:EL.180 m
Main supply:The average livelihood daily water consumption in Tainan is 496,000 tons.

2-2 Mudan Reservoir

Water source:Rureng Creek and Mudan Creek of Sizhong River tributary
Location:Mudan Township, Pingtung County
Construction time:1988/07 ~ 1995/09
Functional benefit:Daily supply of 100,000 cubic meters of public water and 500 hectares of irrigated area
Reservoir:Earth-rockfill dam
Full water level:EL.142 m
Main supply:The average daily livelihood water consumption of 9 townships in Pingdong District is 80,000 tons

2-3 Jiaxian Weir

Water source:Qishan Creek of Gaoping River tributary
Location:Jiaxian District, Kaohsiung City
Construction time:1994/02 ~ 1999/07
Type:Overflow weir
Catchment area:407.89 km2
The main function:Water diversion to Nanhua Reservoir to increase water supply capacity of Nanhua Reservoir

2-4 Gaoping River Weir

Water source:Gaoping River
Location:Dashu District, Kaohsiung City
Construction time:1994/02 ~ 1999/10
Functional benefit:Supply public water use about 1~1.1 million tons per day
Catchment area: 2894.05 km2
The main function:Public water supply in Kaohsiung

2-5 Chouchin Reservoir In Green Island

Water source:Liu ma gou
Location:Green Island Township, Taitung County
Construction time:1996/03 ~ 1996/12
Functional benefit:Supply public water 960 tons per day
Reservoir:Concrete gravity dam
Full water level:EL.18.7 m
Main supply:Livelihood water use and sightseeing in the Green Island

2-6 Shanxi Reservoir In Kinmen

Water source:Wuhushan catchment area
Location:Shanxi Village, Jinsha Town, Kinmen County
Construction time:1996/03 ~ 1996/09
Functional benefit:Public water supply 900 m3 per day
Reservoir:Concrete gravity dam
Full water level:EL.28 m
Main supply:Livelihood Water use in Jinsha Town

2-7 Yufeng Weir

Water source:Zengwen River
Location:Shanshang District, Tainan City
Construction time:1997/04 ~ 1998/12
Functional benefit:Supply public water daily 30,000 m3
Catchment area: 645.7 km2
Main supply:The average daily public water consumption in Tainan is 30,000 tons per day.

2-8 Ailiao Weir Body Improvement Project

Water source:Ailiao River of Gaoping River tributary
Location:Sandi Township, Pingtung County
Construction time:1996/06~1998/08
Functional benefit:Irrigation area 3,231 hectares
Type:Overflow weir (stepped)
Catchment area:406 km2
Main supply:Irrigation use of Neipu, Changzhi and Yanpu towns by Ailiao channel.

2-9 Wugou Tank

Location:Wang-an Township, Penghu County
Construction time:1999/01~ 2000/01
Functional benefit:Supply public water 100 m3 per day
Reservoir:Concrete barrier
Catchment area:0.146 km2
Full water area:0.11 km2
Full water level:18.7 m
capacity:35,000 m3
Main supply:Public water use in Jiangjun island, Wang-an Township, Wuhu County

2-10 Agongdian Reservoir Renewal Improvement Project

Water source:Agongdian River
Location:Yanchao District, Kaohsiung City
Construction time:2000/02 ~ 2005/09
Effective water storage capacity at completion:18.37 million m3
Functional benefit:Increasing the flood control capacity, water supply function and decreasing siltation of the reservoir at the same time. It carry out Empty Storage Operation for Sediment
Prevention from June 1 to September 10 each year.
Main supply:Public and irrigation water use in Kaohsiung

2-11 Nanhua Reservoir And Gaoping River Weir Connection Pipeline Project

Water source:Nanhua Reservoir
Location:Nanhua District, Tainan City, Neimen District, Kaohsiung City, Qishan District, Kaohsiung City, Dashu District, Kaohsiung City
Construction time:2001/01 ~ 2003/12
functional benefit:The connection of Gaoping River Weir and the Nanhua Reservoir can stabilize the water supply. In high-flow period, Nanhua Reservoir supplies water to Tainan and Kaohsiung areas, and uses the water from Jiaxian Weir to maintain the capacity of Nanhua Reservoir. In the meanwhile the Gaoping River Weir draws water to supply Kaohsiung area. In the dry season, it is distributed by the Nanhua Reservoir, and is beneficial to dispatch southern region water supply.

3. Zengwen, Nanhua And Wushantou Reservoir Management And Stabilization Of Southern Region Water Supply Plan (2010~2019)

In August 2009, the typhoon Morakot attacked, and the major reservoirs in the south such as Zengwen and Nanhua Reservoir increased the amount of erosion and collapse. The sedimentation volume of the reservoir increased about 110 million cubic meters after the typhoon, which affected the stability of the water supply. The plan was approved to accelerate reservoir management and water source development, reduce the risk of water shortages and maintain the operational life of the reservoir. The plan includes four major projects, such as reservoir catchment conservation, reservoir improvement and sediment removal, water resource dispatch and backup system Improvement and new water resource development. The implementation of this project has been completed successively. Major engineering projects such as:

1Zengwen Reservoir Permanent River Outlet (PRO) Reconstruction Sluicing Tunnel Project

2Zengwen Reservoir Sluicing Tunnel Project

3Nanhua Reservoir Sluicing Tunnel Project

4Baihe Reservoir Facility Improvement Project

5Gaoping River Underflow Project

4. Future Efforts

(1) Implementation of forward-looking infrastructure plan- water environment construction.
(2) Committed to promoting five development projects, including Gaoping Lake, diversified water resources, Gaoping River underflow development, Donggang River water resource development, and ZengWen cross-basin water division follow-up plan.
(3) Four major directions of water resources dispatching, operation and management, including dispatching source system, Gaoping River underflow monitoring, Zengwen Nanhua Reservoir connection pipeline and intelligent water management.
(4) Six major achievements of reservoir facility maintenance and storage capacity maintenance, including dredging mud, Zengwen sluicing tunnel operation, Baihe Reservoir sediment bypass tunnel, watershed conservation, intelligent reservoir and water quality monitoring.
(5) Expand environmental education and bring in citizen participation.
(6) Promote water conservancy industry - increase water economic value.