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Exports of fasteners (screws and nuts) to Europe and the United States significantly recovered from January to October 2021 2021/11/26
MOEA Wins seven 2021 R&D 100 Awards 2021/11/26
Global Hit Squid Game Sparks Craze, Netflix Applies for Trademark in Taiwan 2021/11/26
Sales of Wholesale, Retail and Food Services in October 2021 2021/11/23
Industrial Production Index in October 2021 2021/11/23
Report Release Conference -Path to Resilience:The Circular Supply Chain Outlook for Taiwan and Europe 2021/11/22
TIPO's Q3 2021 IPR Statistics Report 2021/11/22
Export Orders in October 2021 2021/11/22
Two investors were approved to station in the Technology Industrial Park. The total investment applications figures amounted to NT$ 76 million. 2021/11/22
BSMI Presented Awards to Winners of the 2021 Universal Design Competition of Assistive Devices for the Aged and Persons with Disabilities and the "8th Campaign on Commercial Assistive Devices Friendly to the Aged and Persons with Disabiliities" 2021/11/22
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