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History for establishment of Southern Region Water Resources Office,WRA,MOEA

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According to Article 11 of the “Law of Ministry of Economic Affairs Organization” promulgated upon amendments, the General Rules of Organization for Water Resources Bureau under MOEA was enacted on March 28, 2002.

History for establishment of Southern Region Water Resources Office,Water Resources,MOEA

Due to the adjustment of function and organization of Taiwan Provincial Government, this Administration has been subordinate to the Water Resources Department, MOEA since July 1, 1999, with its full name “Southern Region Water Resources Office, Water Resources Department, MOEA.

History for establishment of Taiwan Provincial Southern Region Water Resources Office

In order to strengthen development, management and application of water resources, Taiwan Provincial Government established the northern, central and southern region water resources offices subordinate to the Provincial Water Resources Department on January 23, 1998. This administration (Southern Water Resources Office) was formed upon integration of the former Taiwan Provincial Zengwen Reservoir Management Bureau, Department of Southern Water Resource Development subordinate to the former Taiwan Provincial Water Conservancy Bureau and Agogen Reservoir Management Committee.

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